In response to "8 Sentences That Drive Bosses Crazy"

In response to this article about "8 Sentences That Drive Bosses Crazy"
Every employee said something for a reason and a history behind it.  If your employee said those to your boss, it is (most of the time) the boss problem not (always) employee.

Here are why:

1. "Exactly how do you want me to do this?"
Boss's best response: "I don't care how you do it, just get it done."
Employee replied: Then don't ask me to give you a full report on why I am doing that later on, because you don't care.

2.  "This is my idea so I want full credit for it."
Boss's best response: "If you want this to happen, we'll all need to own it."
Employee replied: You are stealing my idea and claim that it is "us"?  

3.  "I'll try to get it done on time."
Boss's best response: "Do. Or do not. There is no try."
Employee replied: DO NOT, unless you give us a REASONABLE schedule, or you tell YOUR client about OUR schedule and compromise it.  Otherwise, you pick the answer: "DO NOT", or "Try".  

4. "I need you to review this 300 page document."
Boss's best response: "Write me a one page summary of what's important."
Employee replied: Then why on earth do you want me to write this 300 page document first and foremost?  

5. "Could you call them for me?"
Boss's best response: "No, that's your job."
Employee replied: It may lead to a delay of your project, are you sure?  (Don't be surprise about that, those calls not just take time, but often include a new "idea" or "function" that the other side wants)  

6. "Oops, I forgot to tell you about that."
Boss's best response: "Your annual review will be affected if this happens repeatedly."
Employee replied: Ok, by the way, if you continue to use this attitude to face all the difficulties I told you, that may be the reason why I intentionally "forgot" to tell you, sir.  

7. "I just need to vent..." - That's the only line that I agree...  

8. "Are you sure that's the right decision?"
Boss's best response: "Yes."
Employee replied: so if it success, it is all yours.  If it is not, don't blame us because we warn you at the very beginning of this project, sir.


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