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Just release a new post about "Big Income From Small Launch". Hope helps someone:

Daily Summary

Attitude towards Life: "Life is good" and "Life can be better".

Attitude towards circumstances: I can learn from it and use it to become more successful

Attitude towards yourself:
- I am a person of value.
- I determine my future (referred to - You are your GURU).
- I can make my dream happen. If you do not believe that your dreams are possible, they won't be.

Your attitude to others:
- I am here to serve.
- I have a responsibility to treat others as I would want to be treated. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
- I need others in order to be successful

Your attitude about the networking process:
- No matter what happens I will remain positive. So the outcome does not matter
- The networking process makes me better
- Both parties should win: the "win-win" situation

Healthy Family Relationship Involve 5 things

In relationship, it isn't about how perfect you have been in the past that counts, but how well you can do now and in the future, that will provide you with the kind of relationships you are looking for.

Love - Part of marriage is making sure that we are expressing love to our spouse continuously. Verbal affirmation may be the primary love language. The thing that come second is time spent with other person.

Serving Heart - In reality, when we get married, we are making a commitment to serve the other person, not other person here to make you happy. Therefore our heart must be selfishlessly devoted to that principle if we are to make it work.

Jim Rohn said:

When I say that each person devotes their life to the other, I don't mean that a person should loose their identity or compromise the essence of who they are to the other person for the "sake" of the relationship. We must each bring our wholeness, our talents, our uniqueness of personality and giftings to the re…

Not Judge

Today's most important lesson: not judge.

Never judge on someone: Speaking of not judging, which related to one Jim Rohn quote: "Attack the problem, not the person".

The key to understand relationship: Relationship involves people.

The face is that: even business is business, relationship rule!

Z.I.P of relationship
- Put some Zest(enjoyment and enthusiasm/FUN) into your relationship
- Cultivate more Intimacy (the state of having a close personal relationship with somebody/meaning of relationship) in your relationship/ Meaningful relationship. Let other into your world to start intimacy.
- Develop a Purpose in your relationship

Today the most valuable lesson

Because when we choose to give, everybody wins! -- Jim Rohn

This is the lesson of "Giving". Giving makes you bigger.

And the world is better because I were here, we made a difference.

Remember this!

How to get financial independent?

It is so true that I have to write it down and everybody who read this should follow this throughtly:

To become financially independent you must
1. Turn part of your income into capital
2. Turn capital into enterprise
3. Turn enterprise into profit
4. Turn profit into investment
5. And turn investment into financial independence.

-- Jim Rohn

So true!

I am now learning different knowledge to become self-enterprise, at the same time I nearly complete step 1. The next step will be step 2, turn capital into enterprise, and make profit.

Financial independence, I am coming!!

Daily Summary

What 3 steps you took in order to come close to your business objective?

Which 3 most important things you plan to do tomorrow?
Think of an offer that can be offered to 3 - 5 clients, mainly include MDL 2.0 strategies and other landing page stuff, based on the template from TK1

Your day 10 years from now:

Where would you live?
逸林首府28號 28 The Albany Villa, 28 Kensington Drive。

What would your house look like?

What time would you wake up?
9:00 - 10:00

What would you do in the morning?

What would you have for breakfast?

What does the mundane(平凡) stuff look like?

What would you spend the first half of your day doing?

What would you have for lunch?

Who would you eat with?

What would your friends be like?

What is your relationship like?

Daily Summary

What 3 steps you took in order to come close to your business objective?
MDL 20 - Ch 3

Which 3 most important things you plan to do tomorrow?
MDL 20 - Complete JV

Your day 10 years from now:

Daily Summary

What 3 steps you took in order to come close to your business objective?
MDL 20 - Session 3 Lesson 5
MDL 20 - Session 4 Lesson 6 p1

Which 3 most important things you plan to do tomorrow?
Finish lesson 6 p2/p3 & lesson 7

Your day 10 years from now:

Phone Lookup By Number

phone lookup by number - If you want to do phone lookup by number, it is a website that you should go:

phone lookup by number

Find people by number

find people by number - You can find people by number from this website:

find people by number

Phone Number Find Name

phone number find name - If you want to use phone number to find name, here is the link:

phone number find name

People by Phone Number

People by Phone Number - A good start for people who want to find people by phone number:

People by Phone Number

Cell Phone Search Free

Cell Phone Search Free - Here is another link to do cell phone search free

cell phone search free

Listings Phone

A good website to search for listings phone:

Listings Phone

Daily Diary

- Read Jim Rohn Collection - One Year plan week 3,4,5
Week 3 - Influence and association: everythings matter!
Week 4 - Learning and education: formal education makes you a living, self-education makes you a fortune
Week 5 - Goal setting, evaluation and reflection
Listen to Month 2 MP3

About goal setting: write them down

- To Uncle Mak Home

Great Designer Handbag: Launched

Just create a blog of designer handbag:

Great Designer Handbag

This blog will show you the best picking designer handbag at a low price, while the quality is still ery good.

Here is the link again:

Great Designer Handbag


2 blogs created

Flat Screen TV
Dog Training Collar

I created two blogs stated above in yesterday and today.

The process is smooth, and the second blog (dog training collar) I just use around 3 hours to setup everything (including auto posts). Super fast and faster than the first one...

I do link building by submitting RSS to different rss directories. And the first one (flat screen tv) has already been indexed 12 pages by Google!

I remember that last time there is a site that I need more than 3 - 4 days to be indexed by Google.

But this time it is good, and I think it is because I have submitted my site to many different RSS directories., twitterfeed and twitter are also very useful in link building. I highly suggest to do this.

My daily

Follow John Delavera Brotherhood instruction: create tons of account in &  I start seeing the pattern on setting up a blog site and promote it the right way.Correct 3 ezinearticles and re-submitRewrite a PLR artcicles and submit to ezine.