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[SEO] How do I create a "Q&A" type content and get rank in Page 1 in 15 mins

I am currently working on a project about marriage, and often get stuck when you don't know what content to create, the "Q&A" type content may be useful to you.

Here is how I get a blog post rank on page 1 (#3 - #4) in 15 mins

Find out what is the most frequently asked question that:People are asking on a particular topicThere is no exact questions in search result "Title"Create a blog post with that question.  Use the exact question in your title.  For example, if you observe that there are a lot of people ask: "How do I grow higher", your blog post title must include: "how do I grow higher"You will expect that the search volumn is low, or at least not as high as other common search termIt is normal, as you are going to capture the traffic that ask the exact same questionOnce you create the blog post that answer the question, you can always add a Call-to-Action button or link to the page you want people to go (or an affiliate link you wa…