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How to update Spamassassin?

By issuing the following commands, spamassassin is updated from 3.1.3 to 3.1.4:

> wget
> rpmbuild -tb Mail-SpamAssassin-3.1.4.tar.gz
> cd /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/
> /etc/init.d/spamassassin stop
> rpm -Uvh perl-Mail-SpamAssassin-3.1.4-1.i386.rpm --nodeps
> rpm -Uvh spamassassin-3.1.4-1.i386.rpm
> /etc/init.d/spamassassin start

I dunno if using --nodeps in perl-Mail-SpamAssassin will cause any errors. People who follow these steps should pay serious attention.

Hope it helps somebody!

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How to change SSH port to another one?


To start change SSH port, you can follow these steps:

1. Find this file: /etc/ssh/sshd_config and open it using your favourite editor(e.g. vi)

2. Find this line: #port 22. This line is commented out by default and it is usually the first line of sshd_config file.

3. Remove the '#' of this line, and change the number 22 to another number, like 1234. This is the port number you would like to use.

4. Restart SSH: /etc/init.d/sshd restart


Remember to config your iptables/firewall to accept new port and (preferrably) block all port 22 traffic.

About using the toggleMenu javascript

Please note: the following javascript is worked ONLY IN IE only, it cannot be used under FF... Dunno why:

function toggleMenu(oA){
var oTd = oA.parentElement;
var cSpan;

if (oTd != null && 'undefined' != typeof(oTd)){
cSpan = oTd.getElementsByTagName("div");

if (0 < cSpan.length){
if (-1 != cSpan[0].id.indexOf("something")){
if ('none' == cSpan[0].style.display){
cSpan[0].style.display = 'block';
} else {
cSpan[0].style.display = 'none';


<tr><td><a href="'javascript:toggleMenu(<tag_ID_attribute_with_words_'something');'">My Link</a></td></tr>
<tr><td><div id="<tag_ID_attribute_with_words_'something' " style="'display:none;'">Some content</div></td></tr&g…

How to solve "Virtual machine kernel stack fault (hardware reset) " problem?


I read this page to install my Solaris 10 01/06 (32 bits) version.

The main point of this problem is: you did not assign enough RAM to your Virtual Machine, the RAM must be higher than 170MB( Originally I only assign 160 MB...).

Once increased the RAM size, the installation run smoothly.

Hope it helps all.

How to kickout a user/kick a user in Linux


In my case, I use putty to login to my local linux machine but suddenly I got hung up in putty. I login again to linux console and do kick out user (myself!!)

The key point is, use "ps -aux | grep ssh" to get the user who login as SSH, if a user is not login using SSH, go grep the user name. Then find the Process ID(PID) of that particular user. Finally, issue "kill -9 ". So my steps will be:

1. ps -aux | grep ssh
2. kill -9

Finally, restart putty session and login again.

How to disable SELinux

Using your favourite editor, find the file: /etc/sysconfig/selinux, change




I am using FC5, hope someone who want to know this can help.

Source from this site:

Thanks for help.