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PHP Array to CSV in UTF-8 read by MS Excel

To people who are looking for a PHP script that can convert an array (mostly multi-dimensional array) to CSV in UTF-8, here is the code and file for you to download:

PHP Array To CSV Read By MS Excel in UTF-8

Credit to Jérôme Jaglale, what I am looking for is a CodeIgniter solution to convert array to CSV, but it can also be used in non-CI PHP application. This is not a class, just a function (Helper). The full code below:

if(!function_exists('array_to_csv')){ function array_to_csv($array, $download = ""){ // if(empty($download)){ $res = array(); foreach($array as $arr) { $res[] = implode(',', $arr); } return $res; }else{ $output = fopen("php://output",'w') or die("Can't open php://output"); // header('Content-Encoding:…