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Post Affiliate Pro - My Checklist

- Using Multi-tier commission: your affiliate should be associated with a campaign.  i.e. when you login to an affiliate account, you must see a campaign and banner available.

- If you are using Private campaign AND multi-tier commission: MAKE SURE the parent aff and sub aff are all IN one private campaign.  Otherwise multi-tier commission would not display correctly.  It will ONLY display the one in that campaign, sub-affiliate is NOT calculated.

- Using affiliate ID (a_aid) only without using banner (a_bid) seems not tracking at all.

What is Value? How to add more value to your customer?

I just wrote a blog post about what is value and how to add value to customer.

Those are questions that are often told by a lot of marketers but not fully illustrated.

Check this out:  What is Value? How do you add more value to your customer?


果皮 + 瘦肉數條放入飯碗中,加飲用水入飯碗,放入已加水的鑊中。先大火煲滾鑊中水,待水滾後轉慢火煲/燉1小時。