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Drupal 7 Multisites Migration: Different Domains to Same IP address No host file

Background: The site is running Drupal 7.  User wants to have a UAT sites for that, but they don't want to change their host file because it is troublesome.

So I make some key-points on how to do it and I want to share it here.

Let's begin.
.htaccess file: Make sure you .htaccess file DID NOT have any rewrite rules that redirect user to particular sites.  In my case my .htaccess file have these line:

I need to comment it out in order to make things work.  Pay attention to that.
settings.php As you can see, under htdocs folder, I have 1 sub-directory for this Drupal 7 site.  And within this Drupal 7 site, I have 3 sites.  So when a user goes to: They will be redirected to different folders.
* I did not set $base_url in settings.php (this is commented) * Make sure in your settings.php $databases var, set the 'prefix' value in your array.  Reference here. * Yes I DID NOT set $base_url on ALL settings.php in s…