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XAMPP Run SSI (Server Side Include) with PHP 5

I have a very stupid website.

This website is developed by someone who use PHP 5.4 (FastCGI), Apache 2.4.9, MySQL 5.1.

The most important thing is, this person is using SSI (Server Side Include) with PHP....

Which means, when page load, visitor will be redirected from index.php to somedir/start.html.

And in the .html file, this person is using SSI.

The start.html will look something like this:

<td width="650" rowspan="2" align="left" valign="top" style="padding-top:16px;">
<a href="3dcreative.html" target="_blank">
                    <img src="common/homepage/201408/3dcake.jpg" border="0" width="390" height="200" style="padding-right:10px; float:left"/></a>
                <!--#include virtual="main_cake_series.php"-->
<!--#include virtual="main_ssi_banner.html"-->

Don't ask me why this person is …