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My experience on using Darvas Box

This is my first blog about stocks.

First of all, if you have already read the book written by Nicolas Darvas named "How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market", you will know what this box is, and I won't explain it here.

After 1 month more practise(using my real money and make some dummy decision), I found that there are several points worth notice. Before going on, reader should alert that this is my experience, and this doesn't consitute to any suggestions and the writer(that's me) won't take any responsibilities regarding to this.

1. What the book said: when the price rises higher than previous top price, even if how small the new price exceeds, we should buy the stock at once.

My experiences: This is correct, PROVIDED THAT the price flow before the "sudden rise" is flat. For example, if stock A's price range is: $0.6 - $1, and this range is formed for quite a long time, say from Jan 01 - Jun/Jul 01, and suddenly the price rise with high volu…

The solution of "DCOPserver" error

Scenario: on 10/5/2006, I normally start my linux using root account. Maybe my machine is too old (bought 10 years ago: Pentium 3 450, 384MB ram, 10G HD), when I opened firefox, Kate(a notepad-like text editor), Konqueor(with a java page loading at the same time) and Openoffice Calc(a M$ spreadsheet file), the system got hung up...

Since I cannot press Ctrl-Alt-Del to reboot linux, I press the "reset" button on my computer (Cold reboot), and when the machine reboot and go to GRUB, it delayed for serveral seconds, then go to login page successfully. Once I type the root username and password, I got the following error:

Cannot read network connection list:

...make sure your DCOPserver is running...

At first, I reboot the machine but no luck.

Then I google the phrase: network connection list, a user in a forum mentioned that people who got this problem should cleanup the /tmp folder under /. I did it immediately.

BTW, although I cannot login …