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The Mindset - Affiliate Marketing (And all the marketing actually...)

I suddenly got an inspiration after reading an email from Lee Milteer@GKIC.  She is going to resign on 24 Feb 2016.

This is not the words about her reflection that suddenly touched me, it is the last paragraph that inspired me.

Gem of the Week
Recommended ResourceIf you want your life to have more enjoyment, fun and prosperity Magic, Mystery & Ritual: A Vison Quest with Lee Milteer is the event for 2016 for you! Why is that?  It seems nothing special right.  A link go to a page which has a list of products she is promoting.
This is "Recommended Resource" that touched me.
A few months ago I know that, money is a medium, it is just a paper that, when you give something valuable out to another body, he thanks you by giving something called "Money".  And you use this "Medium" as a common exchange "Tool" to get what you want.
In other words, "Money" is not the objective, "Giving help to other people who need you" is the objectiv…

Check php.ini file for syntax errors in Linux/Windows

No matter which platform you are using (Linux/Windows), to test php.ini, you simply use

php -v

and it will use current PHP config and see if it can show the version.  If your php.ini has error, it will also display.

Hope it helps someone.

What is Host and guest virtual machine: Definitions


A virtual machine (VM), typically has two components : the host and the guest.

The host is the virtual machine host server; the underlying hardware that provides computing resources, such as processing power, memory, disk and network I/O, and so on.

The guest is a completely separate and independent instance of an operating system and application software.

Guests are the virtual workloads that reside on a host virtual machine and share in that server's computing resources.

Hope it helps someone.

Docker nodeJS node

My notes on using Git, NodeJS with official docker image:

When you use -v / --volume, the directory will be created if not existsBear in mind: NodeJS DID NOT have a server.  Unlike Apache.  So it is OK to use -v to mount a directory directly and run npm install and npm startTo start: git clone <url> <target_dir>run the docker-compose.yml by running: sudo docker-compose -f <path_to_my_docker-compose.yml> up.In the above command, you can add '-d' at the end to run it on background.In docker-compose, if you want to run multiple commands, run this: command: bash -c "your_command" (reference).If you prefer using native docker statement: sudo docker run -it -d --name nodejs --rm -v <your_host_directory>:<your_docker_container_directory> -p 80:80 node:latest bash -c "npm install && npm start"Still not sure how to connect to webpack-dev-server inside container which the docker host is also a VM.