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Sendmail relay config

To allow relay of certain host, add a new record in /etc/mail/access in sendmail server. For example, if you want your sendmail server to be used by an outsider who want to send email to another outsider(relay), add a record in /etc/mail/access file as follow:

Sendmail config

I received an error about "mail loops back to me" in sendmail today.

I found several solutions from Google below:

- add your hostname in /etc/mail/local-host-name
- DNS error
- add your hostname in /etc/ (actually I cannot find this file, but the whole idea is, add your hostname to Cw file and everything will be ok).

But none of the above work.

It is also not caused by spamassassin(an anti-spam linux software from apache) as the correct answer is:

Don't config the SMART_SMTP option in

After I add "dnl" before the above directive to disable this, I can send email from my company to Gmail, and from Gmail to my company account.

That's it. Just log it in case I forgot.