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Inspiration from "The Fabulous Dr. Jacobson" by Glenn Livingston

Today's inspiration from interview done by Glenn Livingston with Dr. Jacobson.

Money is a way to say "Thank you"
Money has to be an expression of gratitude.

Perry Belcher 21 Steps Sales Letter

Here is the link to the original post: Salesletter Formula: 21 Effective Ways and Guides to a good Sales Piece

Here is the info-graphic thanks to 21 Step Salesletter Formula – Perry Belcher [Infographic]


Salesletter Formula: 21 Effective Ways and Guides to a good Sales piece

The Salesletter Formula can be a big help with your marketing plan, when you know exactly how to follow. This is an important tool to write a good salesletter, and video letters as well. Let me share some of these. Over the years , I’ve added a few points today to the Salesletter Formula, and I’d like to share this with you now.

I read an article by David Frey called the 12 step foolproof Salesletter formula, a few years ago. This formula has made me millions of dollars over the last few years.

Many thanks go to David, a brilliant marketer from San Antonio, Texas, a credit for opening to me the effective Salesletter Formula.

I kind of feel like I’m painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa by doing this, ever…

Ryan Deiss - 3X Conversion Cheat Sheet