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enets UMAPI V 1.3 NETSConfig.get NullPointerException Solve

I am setting up UMAPI v 1.3 from eNETs under Tomcat 7.0.21, Windows 7.

If you encounter this error:

at com.wiz.enets2.transaction.umapi.NETSConfig.get(

The problem is that your CLASSPATH does not include the config files (which is strange, as CLASSPATH is used to set CLASS, not config...)

So in your setenv.bat, I enter the following:

set CATALINA_OPTS=-server -Xms256m -Xmx256m
set CLASSPATH=C:\xampp\tomcat\webapps\ROOT\CLIENT\config;C:\xampp\tomcat\webapps\ROOT\CLIENT\lib\*

You should be fine, and I guess the same setting can be applied to Linux also.

Hope it helps someone.

I hate eNETs.

JMeter on Wordpress and Woocommerce

I am using Apache JMeter to do some stress tests on my server. (I am using ver 2.11)

However, when I load and run the .jmx file generated from BadBoy, even if it runs smoothly the first few times, you will see "Session expired" message from JMeter later on.

To fix this problem, I read this article about JMeter and found that if I add HTTP Cookie Manager:

And configure like this:

You will not see any session expired problem.

Another message: "Action failed. Please refresh the page and retry." may be caused by Force SSL problem, you may see this thread in wordpress for details.