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Using wget bypass htaccess username password 401 authorization

Here is the command to access a website where using htaccess username and password to protect itself.

wget -O /dev/null --user="_any_htaccess_user_name_" --password="_htaccess_user_password_"


By the way, you can use wget to simulate a visitor access to website.  Often time it is used to trigger a cron job.

Another resource:

Hope it helps someone.

Wordpress - Separate PHP page call WPML function

If you just like me who need to create a new empty PHP page inside Wordpress, and you need to call that page inside wordpress, together with using WPML, here is the way:

 Assume that your brand new PHP file is under wp-content/themes/your-theme/new_file.php

This new_file.php will receive data from other wordpress page. Now:

# require_once wp-load.php to use all wordpress functions 
require_once dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname(__FILE__)))).'/wp-load.php';

    function any_new_function(lang){ 
        $lang = $_POST['lang_from_previous_wordpress_page']; 
        return $lang;
    # if you are using WPML 3.0 or later, you will see this icl_set_current_language filter 
    # I am not sure if version prior to 3.0 will have it or not, just search in sitepress.class.php to find out. 
    add_filter('icl_set_current_language', 'any_new_function');

# Init this plugin, the construction has been completed in wp-loa…

In response to "8 Sentences That Drive Bosses Crazy"

In response to this article about "8 Sentences That Drive Bosses Crazy"
Every employee said something for a reason and a history behind it.  If your employee said those to your boss, it is (most of the time) the boss problem not (always) employee.

Here are why:

1. "Exactly how do you want me to do this?"
Boss's best response: "I don't care how you do it, just get it done."
Employee replied: Then don't ask me to give you a full report on why I am doing that later on, because you don't care.

2.  "This is my idea so I want full credit for it."
Boss's best response: "If you want this to happen, we'll all need to own it."
Employee replied: You are stealing my idea and claim that it is "us"?  

3.  "I'll try to get it done on time."
Boss's best response: "Do. Or do not. There is no try."
Employee replied: DO NOT, unless you give us a REASONABLE schedule, or you tell YOUR client…

Definition of Selling - The Dan Sullivan Way

Dan Sullivan definition of Selling:

Getting someone to
intellectually engaged in the future result that is
good for them
and getting them to
emotionally committed to an action to achieve that result.