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Wordpress ERROR CONNECTION RESET Fix, Reinstall Wordpress

To people who are having the ERROR_CONNECTION_RESET problem when they are using Chrome to do wordpress development.

Occasionally developer may have problem above, but no clue how to solve it.

Actually, I don't know how to solve it either after doing all the Google search.

So the only valid method is to re-install Wordpress, but still keep database content (including all config values) exists.

Here is how I did, it works for me (My wordpress version is 4.1.1):

Download latest version of Wordpress and unzip for later useIn your existing wordpress installation, backup wp-content/ folder and wp-config.php by copying it into another placesRemove all existing wordpress files (make the whole directory empty)Copy all files from the latest copy of WP you just downloaded and place it into this empty folderRe-visit your WP site using a browser.  At this point you will be able to connect to the site, and require you to install WP.  Follow all the steps.At the end, the website will prompt to yo…