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Wordpress Load balancing: 2 web servers 1 MySQL without any Cloud services

This is the exact config that I need to configure a load balancing without other cloud services like Amazon, rackspace or GoGrid, completely customized.

I put my question on but no luck, so I put it on and immediately I got response:

My Notes:

The load balancer is done by my colleagues so I am not sure what is the config of it.  But one thing to note: Your LB should enable "session stickiness" so that the session will follow visitor.  By the way, I am using Round-robins.Session: Actually I did not use session, but it seems that other plugins (like WPML) will use it.  If I use Apache load balancer, when I go to wp-admin through load balancing IP, I will not able to login, given the username and password is the same.  I will be redirected to login page.  So ask your load balancer providers or check your load balancer config and see how to manage the "Session Stickiness" issue.Shared folder: your wp-content/uploads folder must be shared and…

Dean Jackson - I know I am successful when...

My successful list:  I know I am successful when I...

Surrounded by kind, nice and wealthy peopleAsk myself: what I want to do today?My passive income is higher than my lifestyle needsWork when I want to, not I need toCreating valuable stuff and people's life are improved because of my stuffNo deadline of my workDress extremely casual in high level business meeting and I can still be myselfPractising martial arts because I want toGo whereever I want and take a vacation whenever I want, and my business is still unaffected.I have my own comfortable home.I am looking forward to Mondaymy business is easy, lucrative, fun

Dan Sullivan Mess = O - C

Dan Sullivan said:

Mess = Obligation - Commitment

If you have Mess in your work, it means you are obligated to something, but you don't commit.

If you have Mess in your Marriage, it means you have obligation (e.g. Child) but you don't commit.

1 question interview with Steve Jobs by Eben Pagan

Eben: Apple has launched so many successful products, home run after home run, what is the secret?

Steve (and Bill Gates): Not everything we do succeed.  :P.  I think you got to "care".