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How to display HTML in Blogspot/Blogger, without converting HTML?

Certain bloggers (like BlogKori and Gordon's Blog) claims that, in order to show HTML in blogspot/, they need to first convert their HTML code to entities, then paste them back to blogger.

I found that this is not the best method.  Actually inside blogger, there is an option that allow you to paste HTML directly without converting.  Here is how:

While you are editing, on the right hand side there is a list of options:

Click Options, and you will be presented with a list of options:

The original option is "Interpret typed HTML", select "Show HTML literally" and "Done".

Then paste your HTML directly and see preview, you should be able to see the HTML nicely.

By the way, the font-size in your pasted HTML may be very big, you can simply resize it to "smallest" to show it more nicely.

PHP Paypal SOAP SetExpressCheckout Request Message Example

This Paypal SOAP API operation page and this Paypal SOAP API Basic page are developed by in order to tell us how to use SetExpressCheckOut Request message in SOAP way.

However, the page does not tell us "EXACTLY HOW" to write the XML because they do not provide any exact example on how to format the XML (It only mention a little bit in the soap api basic page, but I get little value from reading this...).

I personally think that this document is badly written, because you still don't know how to get start by reading that.  Therefore, I test a lot of things in this poorly written documentation, and supplement it by an example here.

If you want to find out how do you format your XML correctly, here is the example.

AttentionThis example DOES NOT CONTAIN ALL options.  It covers around 60 - 70% options in the page.  But you should be comfortable on how to make use of that Paypal documentation easily.If you define a list of items in XML, but it does not display in p…