Healthy Family Relationship Involve 5 things

In relationship, it isn't about how perfect you have been in the past that counts, but how well you can do now and in the future, that will provide you with the kind of relationships you are looking for.

Love - Part of marriage is making sure that we are expressing love to our spouse continuously. Verbal affirmation may be the primary love language. The thing that come second is time spent with other person.

Serving Heart - In reality, when we get married, we are making a commitment to serve the other person, not other person here to make you happy. Therefore our heart must be selfishlessly devoted to that principle if we are to make it work.

Jim Rohn said:

When I say that each person devotes their life to the other, I don't mean that a person should loose their identity or compromise the essence of who they are to the other person for the "sake" of the relationship. We must each bring our wholeness, our talents, our uniqueness of personality and giftings to the relationship because that is so key to a healthy, successful relationship. You've heard me say it in my seminars and I'll reiterate it here, I'll take care of me for you and you take care of you for me. It's the subtle balance of respecting and loving myself enough to take care of me for the betterment of a relationship. Because when I'm a healthy individual how much more can I bring to and invest in a relationship than if, as I said earlier, I am wrongly looking for someone else to make me happy? So take the time to invest in caring for yourself and bringing the best of you to a relationship so that you can pour that joy, caring and uniqueness into the other person. What a miraculous process to engage in and what an incredible gift to give to not only the other person but also to you!

Honest communication: Do not neglect to connect with the person you love and invest your valuable time to continue cultivating probably one of the most valueable relationships in your life.

Kids need to talk, they need someone to listen. They need our time. They also need our honest communication. They need adult to tell them the truth about life and how it works as they go through life.

Patience: People are not perfect. They make mistakes like we do. So we need to give patience to people. If we can't have patience with people, we are bound to be less able to develop long-lasting and healthy relationships.

Fun: Do you remember how much fun you had when you were dating? Lots, wasn’t it? And then life settled in--work to do, mortgages to pay, children to raise. It is easy to forget to have fun with your life partner. But this is so important! We should always be sure to spend some fun times with our spouse in the midst of the work.


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