Step By Step Action Guide

I want to achieve USD $2,000 per day
at my home
by Internet Marketing
by 31/12/2009
with people in
because I want my family to have absolute freedom financially and without struggling any financial problem again.

Action steps:
  1. Create ebook/free report with ezine articles or from my PLR articles base
  2. Create my own product using Formula5 product producer, and create USP using Formula 5
  3. Promote affiliate products on each website, using the product list in
  4. build a list with free ebook/report using
  5. setup 200 websites, with each website earn $10 every day.  Or 20 websites $100 each, all wordpress blogs hosted in
Daily steps:
  • Forum posting - 1
  • Blog comment - 1
  • Social Bookmarking - using socialmarker - DoFollow
  • Ezinearticles, buzzle, articledashboard, goarticle
  • Create My Own Product
  • Create my free report - 2 week
  • Create my own product - 1 - 2 months
Plan B:
  • If I have no time to create free report, consider using existing report
  • If I don't know how to create a product, consider promoting existing product.


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