Start My Daily Log (Diary)

Acai Berry Catalog: Add a message that there is a coupon code: greatacai for acai burn that can reduce S&H from 4.95 to 1.95

Approve a comment on Bridalook:Approve 3 comments on (A wedding website).  The comment is great and I decide to reply them both in blog and email.

Have a details discussion with somebody on selling second hand servers: They reject the deals because sending those rack server from HK to China required expensive delivery cost & high traffif.

Lean some points from Turbo Membership.  It teaches how to setup your online business step by step from preparing your mindset to hand-on step by step guide.  At first I think that it is quite costly to pay USD $147@month, however it worths that price until you are really working on that.

This blog is now going to be updated very frequently for my latest actions.  Keep watching.


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