Spamassassin 0/0 problem: Caused by spamc/spamd

After you installed spamassassin through either perl or tar, you may want to test your spamassassin by issuing the following command:

#> spamc -R < Your_test_message

However, what you get is just:


According to spamassassin documentation, it is caused by "error".... but the point is, what is this error? How did it come from?

One of the reason for this error may be caused by: you haven't start your spamd:

To start spamd explicitly, type:

#> spamd&

The '&' sign means to put 'spamd' run in the background.

Once I typed this command and issue the spamc command again, it works:

#> spamc -R < Your_test_message

So, if you want to use spamassassin, please make sure you start your spamd first before testing spamc.


Anonymous said…
Thnaks! this helped me out!

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