How to setup Microsoft FTP server in IIS (Windows 2003 OK)

Scenario: Your boss required you to establish one FTP account for a group of people to use in a project. The account used by these people is read only.

The file structure of IIS FTP is as follow:

|---(NewFTPAccountForThisProject - All files should be read only here.)

The steps are as follow:

1) In W2K3, create a user named 'proj' and corresponding password.
2) Under ftproot, create a folder called 'proj', which is the SAME NAME as the user you created before.
3) Here comes to the hard part:
In 'ftproot', user rights of 'proj' should be assigned to: read only. i.e. in 'Security' tab, user 'proj' should be added and only 'read' is checked, other rights are left unchecked.
In 'proj' folder, remove all default users in 'Security' tab > add back 'administrators' and 'proj' > 'administrators' has fully controlled on this folder, while 'proj' only has read, read and execute and list folder content rights.

4) Go to ftp://your_ip_or_your_domain, no need to go to ftp://your_ip_or_your_domain/proj, user 'proj' can still access this folder.

Hope it helps.


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