Parsley.js - zh_HK/zh_CN is not available in the catalog

If you encounter:

zh_HK is not available in the catalog


zh_CN is not available in the catalog

error when you use caldera form under wordpress, or using it in standalone application, the problem is that parsley.js will load zh_HK.js (or zh_CN.js) in the web page.  However, in the i18n directory, there is no zh_HK.js.

Even worst, for TW and CN language, the file name is zh_tw.js and zh_cn.js.

And even more worst, inside zh_cn.js the name 'zh-cn' is used.

So to solve this problem, here are what I have done:

  • Duplicate a new file using "Save As..." from zh_tw.js to zh_HK.js
  • Open zh_HK.js, change zh-hk to zh_HK
  • Rename zh_cn.js to zh_CN.js
  • Open zh_CN.js, change zh-cn to zh_CN
There will be no more javascript error.

Hope it helps.

Thank you.


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