Coaching: What you need to know

TED talk:

My take on the video about "Everyone needs a coach":

  • 1/3 of top performers has a coach, and 2/3 are open to be coached.
  • The best performers all have coach, why don't you?
  • Lifelong learning, even on your own, is kind of "coaching", you are coached by the books you read, the video you watch, and the blog post you are reading (like this one!)
  • Not only in your business, but it is also OK to have a coach for your life, or called "life coach"
  • Even if all that, people are too scare to ask for help.
  • People, especially top performers/CEOs, don't ask for coaching because "They are supposed not to".  It is a Face-value problem and may be seen as "Not up to the job". :)
  • If you need a coach, look for one.  Or don't limit to a human coach, read books, get all the materials you need, coach yourself.
  • Don't stay here and waiting for help, go ask for it if you need.
  • Everybody needs help, and asking for it is not a shame, not at all.
  • KEY: Be humble when you are asking.
  • Coaching and mentoring as people attempt to establish a ennobling(崇高) purpose, reach goals and solve thorny problems is fastest and most powerful way to develop leaders.
  • Coaching is the fastest, most powerful way to develop both CEOs and Founders, as well as new and emerging leaders.
  • If you want to grow your business in the long term, the top priority should be to have enough Qualified leaders, which can be trained/coached but not just driven by HR.
  • This is the human who runs the system.  Just has system in place is not enough.  :)


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