Do not buy Hostgator Wordpress Cloud Hosting. I am serious.

This is Hostgator Wordpress Cloud Hosting:

I use this service for my 2 websites, but it disappoint me a lot, I highly recommended NOT using it.

My usage: WP site with Avada and woocommerce, less than 10 plugins, NO WPML.

Here are why:

  • The allowed memory setting is 256MB at MAX.  The memory level you can use is very low.  The site easily got memory exhausted.
  • Image upload will fail if you upload too many images at once.  When I say too many I mean 4 - 5 images.  The reason: Memory exhausted.  Those images are within 100KB, with dimension within 1000px x 1000px.  Definitely NOT big, HD kind of images.
  • The performance is not good: although the page said the speed is 2.5X faster, well according to my experience, it is not.  And my partner who also feel no performance gain of using this cloud hosting.
  • The time wait to get live chat for support is very long
  • Please do not expect that you have the same CPanel as other normal plan does.  WP Cloud hosting DID NOT have the same CPanel you normally have, in other words, you may find yourself very difficult to make some system changes, like adding the allowed memory.
  • If you are caring about SEO, you need to know that upon using this service, your domain is http://<yourdomain>.com, which means there is no "www".  In other words, if you have a previously build site with proper SEO work done, and want to switch to this plan, Don't Do it.  
Not so many points here, but enough for me to write a blog post to discourage other people to use it.

I seldom write this kind of post, but I am really disappointed so I want to make sure that other people don't use it.


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