The Mindset - Affiliate Marketing (And all the marketing actually...)

I suddenly got an inspiration after reading an email from Lee Milteer@GKIC.  She is going to resign on 24 Feb 2016.

This is not the words about her reflection that suddenly touched me, it is the last paragraph that inspired me.

Gem of the Week
Recommended Resource
If you want your life to have more enjoyment, fun and prosperity Magic, Mystery & Ritual: A Vison Quest with Lee Milteer is the event for 2016 for you!
Why is that?  It seems nothing special right.  A link go to a page which has a list of products she is promoting.

This is "Recommended Resource" that touched me.

A few months ago I know that, money is a medium, it is just a paper that, when you give something valuable out to another body, he thanks you by giving something called "Money".  And you use this "Medium" as a common exchange "Tool" to get what you want.

In other words, "Money" is not the objective, "Giving help to other people who need you" is the objective, and they are willing to "pay" for it.

So here Ms Lee Milteer framed her email at the end as "Recommended Resource", which means if you are her subscriber, here are something she recommended you so that you can become better.

Therefore, as always, think about how you can provide something helpful/useful (a.k.a. valuable) to other body in exchange of some "medium".

And those opt-in, funnel, slack adjuster, tripwire, copywriting, blogging, SEO and all other skills are there you used to help someone.

Hope it helps someone.


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