[Solved] bbPress Chinese (Taiwan/China) language file not working!

OK.  Simply put:

If you are following this link about how to use bbPress in your language, and follow these two instruction:

How to use the language files
Rename each file of the files to bbpress-language_COUNTRY.extension
eg. bbpress-plugin-pt-br.po to bbpress-pt_BR.po
and bbpress-plugin-pt-br.mo to bbpress-pt_BR.mo.
Note: Ensure you use the - and _ in the correct place per the above example.
Using FTP upload both the .po and .mo files to /wp-content/languages/bbpress/ of your WordPress instalation. If the /wp-content/languages/ and /wp-content/languages/bbpress/ folders do not exist, create them.
In case you found yourself, like me, do the following, it WON"T WORK!


The correct name should be


Same thing for zh_CN

Hope it helps someone.


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