My prouduct launch notes

  1. Surprisingly I spent a lot of time playing around with OptimizePress 2.0
  2. Do a split test on sales page
  3. Driving FB PPC traffic to sales page.  And finally I understand this statement: You do not have any traffic problem.  It is true because you can always buy traffic from different source.
  4. Set your daily PPC budget at the maximum of your product price so that, if you have one sale a day, you just cover your PPC expense.  My product is $9.95 so that my daily PPC budget is $10.
  5. Later on it seems that it would be a good idea to create a free report first, then drive traffic to squeeze page, then create 3 email follow up on client.
  6. Using Ryan Deiss free email follow up as a template, you can rewrite it to deliver some value on your email, and at the end of email you add a link to your sales page.  E.g. if you want to learn more tips and tricks about this, you can go to website here.
  7. Frank Kern recently released an "article" promoting his advance training.  The article he wrote is composed of short paragraphs, sometimes even 1 line, which is a good reference for article writer.
  8. Ryan Deiss Native Ad can be a good way to drive traffic.
  9. Glenn Livingston JV fast track gives a good way to do JV with others.  You can find writers to create 10 articles and do a guest posting to different websites that related to your niche.


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