OptimizePress integrated with JVZoo Notes

  • If you did not receive email after test purchase, use WP Mail SMTP and WP Mail Log to see if you really can send out email.  Chances are your website is blocked from sending out email
  • Tell your hosting service provider if you want to send out email.  They will help you.
  • Follow the optimizepress JVZoo integration video and you should be fine.
  • Do not enable customize email, it seems that it does not use the tinyurl.com to create a URL that buyers can use to register.
  • Integration with JVZoo and Paypal (Non-US currency): I stuck in this part for quite some time.  If you cannot checkout with the $0.01 purchase, the problem is that you have a currency setting that includes both USD and your country currency.  Even though you set USD as your primary currency, when you check out using test purchase, Paypal will still automatically convert it to your country currency.  In Paypal, a $0.01 purchase cannot be converted to other currency because the amount is too little.  This is Paypal problem.  To solve it you need to login to your paypal account > Profile > My money > Currency, and remove all your existing currencies EXCEPT USD.  Since JVZoo is using USD0.01 to do test purchase, only when you limit your account to USD can you checkout with test purchase successfully.
  • Upgrade your PHP to 5.3 or higher, OptimizePress 2.0 required PHP > 5.3.


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