Day 1 of Product marketing

I am responsible for promoting a product that is about cure cirrhosis.  I know that this product has a lot of potential, and therefore I am going to build something around it, using my marketing knowledge.

I know that this is a good product, and it truly works.  So when you know that the product is good, the next step will be to let as many people know as possible.

I will also use the 8 profit activators as the main guidance of how the marketing works.

Before unit:

Target market: People have cirrhosis and in the stage of NASA, and want to recover

Ways to drive traffic:
- PPC on Adwords, Facebook
- Pay for article and share it on social media
- Contact book author to write article
- List buying?


Traffic drive to Facebook page
Free report > list building
3 steps letter (Dan Kennedy) follow up

During unit
Direct them to ECommerce site in 3 steps letter

Run a product launch after a period of time


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