New experience on using SpamAssassin

- To test if spamassassin worked, use:

spamc -R < /usr/share/doc/spamassassin-/sample-spam.txt

It will return the report which identified if the message passed in is a spam or not.

- To use spamc in procmail for large size email:

I have read several online document that to combine spamassassin and procmail, administrator should add the following line in /etc/procmailrc


| /usr/bin/spamc

The above 2 lines pipe the message to spamc. To enable large email support, add the following:

| /usr/bin/spamc -s 8000000

which, 8000000 is the size in KB of email. In other words, user can add suitable spamc switch of spamc which suit your needs.

However, I still cannot find any solution on how to solve the 0/0 problem when, at first, when I run the spamc test, I just got 0/0. Then after run several "spamc" command, it works again...



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