The solution of "DCOPserver" error

Scenario: on 10/5/2006, I normally start my linux using root account. Maybe my machine is too old (bought 10 years ago: Pentium 3 450, 384MB ram, 10G HD), when I opened firefox, Kate(a notepad-like text editor), Konqueor(with a java page loading at the same time) and Openoffice Calc(a M$ spreadsheet file), the system got hung up...

Since I cannot press Ctrl-Alt-Del to reboot linux, I press the "reset" button on my computer (Cold reboot), and when the machine reboot and go to GRUB, it delayed for serveral seconds, then go to login page successfully. Once I type the root username and password, I got the following error:

Cannot read network connection list:

...make sure your DCOPserver is running...

At first, I reboot the machine but no luck.

Then I google the phrase: network connection list, a user in a forum mentioned that people who got this problem should cleanup the /tmp folder under /. I did it immediately.

BTW, although I cannot login as root under KDE/init 5(x-windows/GUI mode), I still can access linux using init 3(Command-line mode) by pressing Ctrl-N (or in the login screen, use your mouse to click the "shutdown", then choose "Console login"(something like that)).

Once I login to console as root(as the problem exist on my root account), I go to root(/) directory immediately and issue the commands:

rm -rf /tmp/*

However, there are some files in /tmp which cannot be removed (for example, in my case, this is /tmp/ksocket-root/secret-cookie). These files cannot be "chmod", cannot be "ls" and cannot be "rm -rf", when you access them you will be prompted "Permission denied".

However, the problem is still not solved.

OK, if the purpose is to make linux not to access the /tmp file, instead of totally remove the folder, how about rename the folder?

I issue the command:

mv /tmp /tmp.bak


mkdir /tmp

The first command is to rename the /tmp folder, which surprising works successfully. The second command is to create a new /tmp folder.

Now, no need to reboot, issue the command:


to start your linux in level 5/GUI mode.

It works again!!!

One final note: When I come back to /tmp.bak and try to remove the directory, I cannot do that with error message: permission denied....

Hope somebody who are frustruating about this error can get some help.


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